Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mexican Pizza

In 9th grade I was in a speech class. We were all supposed to make our favorite dish in front of the class and explain how we made it. Natalie B. made this Mexican pizza bean dip. Oh it was so good. I was invited to a Football party and was asked to bring a side dish, I immediately remembered the Mexican pizza and called Natalie B.'s mom for the recipe. She told me that it was a very liberal recipe and that you can make it basically however you want. Here is what I suggest.

1 large can of refried beans
1 medium container of sour cream
about 1 tablespoon of Tabasco sauce
Taco Seasoning
green onions

Spread the Refried beans onto a platter. Mix the sour cream and Tabasco sauce and taco seasoning together. spread on top of the refired beans. add the avacados, green onion, tomatoes, and cheese.

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